25 Delicious Dishes To Enjoy On National Lobster Day

Lobster is among the most elegant of foods, and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Simply steamed, it’s delectable. But it’s also a delight in a summer lobster roll, a steakhouse seafood tower, surf & turf, or even in a mac and cheese.

National Lobster Day will be celebrated on September 25, and it’s a great time to try out some of the most inventive lobster dishes found at restaurants around the country.

Lobster Mofungo

Lobster Mofongo at Bolo in Philadelphia.   Photo Credit: KC TINARI

At Bolo in Philadelphia, butter poached whole Maine lobster, lardo, green plantain timbale, mojo isleño.

“Mofongo is fundamental to Puerto Rican cuisine and culture, so I had to do it special by adding Maine lobster,” said Chef Yun Fuentes, chef at Bolo. “Mofongo comes together first and foremost in a mortar and pestle, where the ingredients get mashed together in the dish — reminiscent of the mashing of cultures that happen in the Caribbean. Now we spread our wings, and start incorporating parts from around the world into this dish — beginning with us highlighting the Northeast part of the United States where Bolo is located. By showcasing this succulent Maine lobster in this continuous mash of cultures, we’re making sure our traditions evolve and I, for one, am looking forward to contributing to the evolution of Mofongo.”

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